South Miami Schools

Private and Public Schools located in South Miami, Florida

The following is a list of South Miami Schools along with links for additional information.

Private Schools:

Epiphany Elementary SchoolSouth Miami Schools
Grades PK-8
5557 SW 84th ST
South Miami, FL 33143

For more info click on Epiphany Elementary

Pinecrest SchoolsGulliver School South Miami Campus
Grades PK-7
8530 Red Road
South Miami, FL 33143

For more info click on Gulliver

Happi-Tymes Preschool South Miami
Grades PK-8
6767 SW 72nd ST
South Miami, FL 33143

South Miami SchoolOur Lady of Lourdes Academy
Grades 9 – 12 (all female school)
5525 SW 84th ST
South Miami, FL 33143

For more info click on Lourdes Academy

South Miami Christian Elementary
Grades PK-7
6767 Sunset Dr
South Miami, FL 33143

South Miami SchoolsSunset Montessori School
Grades PK-K
7430 Sunset Dr
South Miami, FL 33143

For more info click on Sunset Montessori

Palmetto Bay SchoolsThe Alexander Montessori School
Grade PK-K
6050 SW 57th Ave
South Miami, FL 33143

For more info click on Alexander Montessori

The Children’s House
Grade PK-5
7701 SW 76th Ave
South Miami, FL 33143


Public Schools

The public schools listed below are located within South Miami. There are more schools for the South Miami district that are located outside of South Miami. To check on public school in your district click on Dade Schools and search by home address.

South Miami SchoolsLudlam Elementary School
Grades K-5
6639 SW 74th ST
South Miami, FL 33143

For more info click on Ludlam Elementary

South Miami SchoolsSomi Somerset Academy
Grades K-8
(Dual Language Charter School)
5876 SW 68th St
South Miami, FL 33143

For more info click on Somi Somerset Academy

South Miami School K8South Miami K-8 Center 
(Arts Magnet)
Grades K-5
6800 SW 60th ST
South Miami, FL 33143

For more info click on South Miami K-8

South Miami SchoolsSouth Miami Middle School
Grades 6-8
6750 SW 60th ST
South Miami, FL 33143

For more info click on South Miami Middle School

South Miami SchoolsSouth Miami Senior High School
Grades 9-12
6856 SW 53rd ST
South Miami, FL 33143

For more info click on South Miami Senior High School

South Miami SchoolsSunset Elementary 
Grades 1-5
(Language Magnet)
5120 Sunset Dr
South Miami, FL 33143

For more info click on Sunset Elementary


South Miami Community Information

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