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Brickell real estate is considered to be the “Manhattan” of Miami, FL. Located in the heart of the Financial District and adjacent to Downtown… Brickell offers its residents unparalleled access to a wide array of fashionable conveniences—with picturesque sidewalk cafés, fine dining, shopping, markets, outdoor and cultural activities along the way. The backdrop for young Professionals and Savvy international businessmen alike, Brickell has established itself as a local and international favorite.

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Coconut Grove

As one of South Florida’s most lively communities, Coconut Grove embodies the potential energy that has come to personify Miami. Rich with culture and life, Coconut Grove has much to offer to its residents. Also known as The Grove, the community began its development in the early 1800’s. Sitting mostly on waters edge, The Grove has a unique blend of cultural diversity, class and beauty. Writers, musicians and filmmakers alike have found Coconut Grove to be the inspiration for many of their pieces. For shopping, dining, and socially rich environments, you can visit The Grove’s two open-air malls, Coco Walk and Streets of Mayfair. For more relaxing scenes, the waterfront parks in Coconut Grove make for some of the best places to spot Manatees and sailboats.

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As a colorful and bright community, Coral Gables lives up to its nickname as “The City Beautiful”. Developed in the early 1920’s, the city is aesthetically influenced by the Mediterranean Revival architectural style. The harmony between residents fuels the communal atmosphere in Coral Gables, and is symbolized by the cohesiveness between civilization and nature. In the vibrant South Florida culture, Coral Gables also shows great balance between tranquility and energy. With the ever popular Miracle Mile at the city’s center, shops, restaurants and relaxing social atmospheres are just minutes away. But for those who wish to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the surrounding residential areas offer peace and serenity. With large, overhanging trees, sunlight illuminates the area with the perfect balance, never too little or too much. Coral Gables is also the home of the University of Miami Hurricanes.

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High Pines and Ponce Davis is considered one of Miami’s premier places to live. If you live in High Pines and Ponce Davis, then you most likely embody it luxurious lifestyle and laid back Miami feel. These conveniently located incorporated towns can be found just east of South Miami. It is arguable right in the heart of everything in Miami. You have easy access to Brickell, South Miami, Downtown, Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, and the other towns of South Dade. These towns are also very pedestrian friendly, so walking and biking is a breeze. Some of the best schools in Miami are also within a half our commute of these neighborhoods. You can also find great work opportunities in the area because of the town’s proximity to everything. Just driving through the area is a very pleasant experience because of all of the beautiful architecture and landscaping. Give High Pines or Ponce Davis a look if you are aiming to live in one of the best neighborhoods around.

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Known as one of the most beautiful residential areas in Miami-Dade, Pinecrest offers a very familial lifestyle. Recently incorporated in 1996, Pincrest is one of the thirty four municipalities in Miami-Dade. The community boasts a very low crime rate and some of the best public and private schools in the county. At approximately eight square miles, Pinecrest revels in its own beauty. With tree lined streets and ranch style houses, residents enjoy an exceptional quality of life and comfort. Pinecrest is also home to Pinecrest Gardens (formerly the world famous Parrot Jungle), one of the most beautiful parks in South Florida. Located just 20 minutes south of Downtown Miami, Pinecrest is home to more than 19,000 residents.

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South Miami

Located just 3 miles south of the City of Miami, it is quite obvious where South Miami gets its name. Incorporated in 1927, the community takes up only 2.5 square miles of Miami-Dade county but is situated in an area that allows convenient access to some of the areaÿs most popular spots. At the center of the community is Sunset Place, one of the regionÿs largest multi-level shopping-entertainment centers. Sunset Place offers many things including distinguished stores, fitness centers, well-known restaurants, and a 24-hour movie theater. South Miami also sits just across US-1 from the University of Miami campus. Despite itÿs small size, South Miami is home to more than 10,000 residents. The diversity of its residents makes South Miami a socially rich community.

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Palmetto Bay

The village of Palmetto Bay boasts one of the best family oriented communities in South Florida. Incorporated in 2002, Palmetto Bay is the 33rd municipality in Miami-Dade and sits just west of Biscayne Bay. The community offers ideal recreational opportunities, and is dubbed “The Village of Parks” for its efforts to expand and improve Village park facilities. Palmetto Bay also provides virtually immediate bay access for all residents in the community. Palmetto Bay also houses some exceptional public and private schools. Celebrating just its fifth anniversary as a recognized community, The Village of more than 25,000 people is constantly working together to improve the quality of life and security.

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To say Key Biscayne is a unique community would be an understatement. Located on one of the many Keys that surround South Florida, Key Biscayne offers a sense of exclusivity that compares to none. Founded in 1991, the island measures just 1.25 square miles, making everything in the community conveniently accessible. The island is connected to the mainland via causeway to the City of Miami, approximately seven miles away. Although exclusive, the village offers all of the amenities residents need, and more! Key Biscayne citizens have access to 30 acres of crystal clear Atlantic waters, five public parks and a full service Community Center with a gymnasium and a pool.

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A cosmopolitan city of liveliness and extravagance, Miami Beach epitomizes the vibrant spirit known as Miami. At 7.1 square miles, Miami Beach was established in 1915 and is the trend-setting arts and entertainment nucleus of South Florida. As more than just a tourist destination, residents in Miami Beach enjoy a high quality of life and excitement. The dazzling pace of Miami Beach creates an atmosphere where stories are just waiting to happen around every corner. With a vast selection of beaches, parks, golf courses, shopping, dining and nightlife, Miami Beach’s diverse and unique selection of amenities make it one of the most popular residential areas in Miami-Dade.

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