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House Flipping

Is House Flipping Your Thing?

House Flipping Quick Tips to Get you Started House flipping for many, has become a full-time career and their primary source of income. Investing in real estate is one of the oldest means of building and storing wealth. House flipping beca...

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Older Home

Buying an Older Home?

Buying an Older Home? Watch Out for These 3 Key Flaws That Could Spell Trouble Are you a fan of homes with a bit more character than newer, modern designs? Whether in pristine condition or more of a "fixer upper," older homes are incredibl...

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Curb Appeal

Why Curb Appeal Sells Homes

Curb Appeal Sells Homes. Is It Really That Important? Yes - Here's Why The concept that 'curb appeal' sells homes – that is, how your home appears when viewing from the curb – is an important one. Do you remember the first time you ...

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Downsizing, Is it an option?

Downsizing? Here's What You Can Expect When You Move From a House to a Condo Downsizing is a big decision. Whether the kids have moved out or you just aren't using the extra bedrooms, having a house that feels 'too big' is rarely fun. In t...

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Remodeling Mistakes

4 Common Remodeling Mistakes

It's Hammer Time: 4 Common Remodeling Mistakes and How to Avoid Them Remodeling mistakes can happen. Planning can help to avoid them. Investing in your home by remodeling or renovating is an excellent way to increase its value. However, a sign...

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Home Staging Ideas

Home Staging Ideas That Won’t Cost A Fortune

5 Home Staging Ideas That Are Heavy on the "Wow" Factor but Light on the Wallet In need of some home staging ideas? Staging is one of the most important aspects of any home sale. The more attractive your home is to potential buyers, the fa...

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New Construction Home vs Existing Home

Should I Build a New Construction Home?

New Construction Home vs Existing Home? You Ask, We Answer: Should I Build a New Construction Home in Miami or Buy an Existing One? Are you looking to buy a new house in the near future? If so, one of the choices you will face is building you...

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Bidding War

Win the Bidding War With Our 5 Minute Guide

Win the Bidding War With Our 5 Minute Guide to Making an Offer the Seller Won't Refuse Ask any experienced real estate agent and you'll learn that buying in a 'hot' Miami real estate market can be challenging. A high supply of buyers compe...

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Coldwell Banker 2021 Awards

Coldwell Banker 2021 Award Ceremony

A Night of Honoring Excellence 2021 was a great year for Miami Real Estate seeing record-breaking sales year over year. High demands and low inventory made it a challenging market. But for John Seidel, he was able to maneuver through those c...

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