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John Thompson is your Boomer specialist. He holds the SRES designation, Seniors Real Estate Specialist, and his focus are those who are planning their retirement years, and guiding them through life’s transitions.

baby boomersThe Golden Years. More time to enjoy life. No more commuting through heavy traffic, with long hours at the office, and the stress of jobs and work. The kids are now adults, and creating their own lives. Time for you to devote to health, sports, hobbies, cultural events, new and exciting activities, and making new friends!

We post recent articles of interest to mature adults, from many sources, including the Miami Herald, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, AARP, and other publications, making it easy for you to stay current on topics beneficial to you.

The Boomers Blog is devoted to making your life more enjoyable, by having one site that you can visit to explore the many topics that can enrich your life. Enjoy!

Pharmacy Checklist

7 things to check before you leave the pharmacy Article from National Institute on Aging at NIH Did you know that your pharmacist can work with you to help you take medications safely and reliably? Here are a few things to check when you fill a prescription,...

Weight Training with Arthritist

5 weight training tips for people with arthritis Article from Harvard Medical School Health Beat Strength training is good for just about everyone. It's especially beneficial for people with arthritis. When properly done as part of a larger exercise program, strength...

Live Longer and Better

Want to live longer and better? Do strength training Article from Harvard Medical School Health Beat Regular physical activity promotes general good health, reduces the risk of developing many diseases, and helps you live a longer and healthier life. For many of us,...

Caring for an Older Adult

Take care of yourself: Tips for caregivers Article from National Institute on Aging at NIH Caring for an older adult can bring up both positive and negative emotions. How do you know if you need extra support? Here are a few signs: Exhaustion Frustration or anger with...

Bags Under Eyes

11 Ways to Banish the Bags Under Your Eyes Article from WebMD Try chilled spoons on swollen eyes, take your allergy meds, and do these 9 other things to help ease puffiness. Curb the Salt Put down that salt shaker! Water will always find its way from parts of your...

The 5 Best Reminders for Your Medications

The 5 Best Reminders for Your Medications Article from Healthline.com Staying healthy and getting your medications exactly when your body needs them is vital, but sometimes you just forget. Taking your medication should be as easy and automatic as possible, not yet...

Need a New Roof?

State agencies suspend certain rules to hasten post-Irma recovery Article from the Real Deal written by Mike Seemuth Some construction permit requirements and other state regulations are put on hold as Floridians repair and rebuild Gov. Rick Scott authorized state...

Attracting Bad Bugs

13 Things That Attract Bad Bugs to Your House and Yard Your Porch is Probably a Bug Magnet Here is an article I came across from House Beautiful written by Caroline Picard. I thought you might find it interesting as I did. Hopefully it will help you reduce your home...

Lower Cholesterol

11 foods that lower cholesterol Article from HEALTHbeat of Harvard Medical School If your diet gave you high cholesterol, it can lower it, too It's easy to eat your way to an alarmingly high cholesterol level. The reverse is true, too — changing what foods you eat can...

Fruits With the Most — and Least – Sugar

Which Fruits Have the Most Sugar? Article from WebMD Mangoes Fruit’s good for you! It has fiber and other nutrients you need. But it also has natural sugar, and some have more than others. For example, one mango has a whopping 45 grams of sugar -- not your best choice...

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